In this free online workshop you'll discover the entire process for creating pro productions from home so that you can achieve your musical goals and dreams sooner.


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Workshop Schedule

Videos will be released throughout the week. Once they are live, they will be available to watch until the workshop ends.

During this workshop, you'll discover:

  • 5 quick and easy ways to capture perfect vocal recordings.
  • Gainstaging mistakes that all engineers need to avoid.
  • The sweet-spot on your software meters that you want to aim for if you want to record polished tracks
  • The 3 essential stages that go into every production (Not mastering these virtually guarantees you'll be left with recordings that only sound like demos)
  • The old-school approach to production that has many people missing the mark for achieving a modern day sound
  • How to make your songs stand out from the crowd and break apart from amateurs
  • Simple tools that will save you hours of manual editing time
  • How to use your music to generate income and allow you to make a living off of your talents
  • How to start a profitable studio for less than $500
  • The step-by-step blueprint for creating pro recordings from your home studio
  • And so much more...

About Your Instructor

Hey, Mike Indovina...

I'm the founder of and author of the Amazon best-selling book "The Mixing Mindset: The Step-By-Step Formula For Creating Professional Rock Mixes From Your Home Studio". 

I’m a recording, mixing, and mastering engineer who has worked with hundreds of artists in multiple genres ranging from acoustic, pop/rock, hip hop and more. I’ve been fortunate to work alongside artists such as KISS, Collective Soul, Ed Robertson (Barenaked Ladies), David Usher, and many more.

In this free online workshop, I'll be sharing some of my best tips for creating professional recordings from your home studio so that you can grow your music career.

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