Why You Need To Use Drum Samples In Your Mixes

Every now and then a new trend or technology comes into the audio industry and disrupts the game, making the production process easier.
Whenever this happens, some embrace it, while others tend to shy away or ignore it, thinking that it is “cheating”.

But if you choose to ignore these techniques when they become mainstream, you run the risk that your mixes won’t compete against the new modern standard.
A great example of this is the use of drum samples.
Some engineers claim that samples are unnecessary and that you should “just use the proper micing technique”; but even with properly recorded drums, there are times when samples can dramatically enhance your final mix. 
There are many reasons why the top mixing engineers in the world add samples to every mix. And it’s not because they are dealing with poorly recorded material… 
Inside this video, I’ll reveal the many different ways you can use samples to make your drum tracks sound much better (even if you already have excellent recordings). 

In today’s productions, drum samples are used more than ever. 
Like it or not, they’re here to stay. If you want your mixes to sound as good as your favorite records, you need to implement the same techniques the pros use. 

P.S. Looking for drum samples to use in your mixes? Click here