Checking For Phase Issues In your Mix

Do you ever find that when you’re mixing drums, they seem to just sound too thin or like they’re lacking clarity and definition?

The first thing most people do in this situation is reach for an EQ. While this may help, there’s another step you should actually be doing first that will save you so much trouble and create less need for EQ…

Checking for phase alignment

Whenever you have an instrument that has multiple microphones on it, there is a risk that your tracks may not be properly phase aligned due to poor microphone placement.

If this is the case, you can end up with thin tracks that lack definition, volume, and low end.

Luckily, checking for phase alignment is a really simple step. I’ve made a video to show you how.

This is an important step you need to do in every mix before you start adding EQ and compression.

If you’ve ever struggled with getting enough volume out of your tracks or you’re constantly battling thin sounding drums or guitars, this simple task might be just the answer you’re looking for.

– Mike


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