Mixing Low End To Translate On Smaller Speakers

One of the biggest challenges most mixers face is getting the low end to translate properly across various sets of speakers. Often when we play things back on headphones or laptop speakers, the low end totally disappears.

It seems that when this happens, a natural instinct for a lot of mixers is to go back into the mix and boost the fader of their kick or bass tracks to make them louder.

The problem with this is that even if you do make the tracks louder, your speakers may still not be able to produce the low frequencies you’re trying to bring out. And by making everything louder, it just makes everything seem really overpowering when you play the track back on your car stereo or another set of speakers that has a wider frequency range.

Luckily, you don’t need to fall into that rabbit hole of revision after revision trying to get it right.

Instead, a very simple solution is to try adding harmonic content in order to help you perceive the low end on smaller speakers.

I’ve created a new video showing you how to do this using a very simple plugin.

Check it out:

As you’ll see the Waves Renaissance Bass is a very useful plugin for increasing the harmonic content in your tracks. It also happens to be super affordable.

To make things even cheaper, if you CLICK HERE and use this link, you’ll get an exclusive 10% off coupon for this plugin (or ANY waves plugin/bundle). Just thought it might help.

Do you use this plugin (or any alternatives) in your mixes? Leave a comment to let me know.



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