How To Reamp Guitars

As trends in music change, so do the tools we use to help create mixes.  Often these tools aren’t new or revolutionary, but instead they’ve resurfaced in popularity.

Just like modern music relies on the use of drum samples; more and more these days, I hear a lot of people talking about reamping guitars.

…Maybe it’s just fear of committing to a sound at the source or the fact that it gives you a lot of flexibility in your mixes…

But if you’ve ever been in the mixing stage and wished that you had a different guitar sound or that the performance could be tighter, reamping could be just the tool you’re looking for.

It’s a very simple process that’s easy to set up.

I’ve created a new video to show you exactly how you can use it in your mixes.

Do you use reamping in your setup? Leave a comment to let me know.


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