Make Your Own DIY Acoustic Panels

Recently, I moved into a new condo.

As exciting as the move was, one thing that absolutely terrified me was how my new mix room was going to sound.

For years, I had been working out of a small bedroom to do the majority of my mixing and mastering work. Since I listened to/worked on so much music in there, I knew exactly how my mixes were supposed to sound in order to make them translate properly.

With moving all my gear into a new space, I had no idea whether it was going to be a smooth transition.

When I moved into my new condo, the first thing I did was set up my speakers in my new mix room and just listened to music.

(My girlfriend deserves a Girlfriend-Of-The-Year Award because she did the majority of the unpacking while I just listened to music for hours).

My new mix room SUCKED!!!

It sounded nothing like my old one. It was very boxy sounding and with the concrete ceilings, it was SUPER reflective. I felt like I was constantly hearing 30ms delay on everything. It was driving me crazy.

I knew that I needed to take control of the room and get some acoustic panels on the walls ASAP to fix this nightmare.

As I started to look into commercial acoustic products, I quickly realized it was going to cost me a small fortune to treat my room.

Luckily, I had some experience building my own panels in the past; so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

While I was at it, I decided to document the whole process so that you too can learn how easy it is to make your own acoustic panels.

Check out this video to learn how:

Building your own panels is very easy and can save you a ton of money. Rather than spending thousands of dollars to to get my room to sound good, it only cost me about $300 Canadian to build 10 panels.

After hanging them up on my walls, the results were phenomenal. I was able to get rid of the reflections that were driving me mad, and my room sounded so much more even and controlled.

Already, I’ve been making some of my favorite mixes I’ve ever done.

If your mix room is giving you problems, I HIGHLY recommend you look into building your own acoustic panels.



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