How To EQ Guitars

When it comes to creating powerful rock mixes, one of the most important instruments is the guitar.

Guitars provide the fullness, energy, and body that is needed to make your tracks really soar.

But when you’re not getting the sound you want, it can be impossible to know which frequencies you should boost or cut in order to get things sounding just right.

  • If you boost too much of the wrong frequencies, then your mix will sound too muddy.
  • If you cut the wrong ones, your mix could end up sounding thin or harsh.

So how do you know which frequencies to target?

And what are the best places to boost or cut in order to create big, thick guitar sounds?

In this video, I’m going to show you how to EQ your guitars for a better mix.

The truth is EQ can make or break any mix. Without using it properly, your tracks will lack clarity, polish, and punch.

It’s critical that you learn how to use it effectively.

Of course, learning how to do that on your own is easier said than done. 

It can be hard to know where to start. Especially since there are so many different ways to use EQ and each instrument has its own unique set of frequencies that you need to adjust.

Want to know how to EQ better so that you can create pro-sounding mixes?

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I recently updated this course with 2 hours of additional video walkthroughs designed to show you precisely what to listen for and what frequencies to boost and cut. That’s on top of all of the existing course videos that will give you the clarity and confidence to use EQ with ease.

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