Mixing Vocals – Why Reverb Is The Wrong Choice

Do you find that your vocals often sound buried in your tracks?

Do you have trouble getting them to stand out so that every word is heard?

Vocals are THE most important element of every mix. Every detail needs to be carefully considered so that they are heard clearly.

Most engineers will spend the bulk of their time carefully carving out EQ and dialling in compression settings; however, so many amateur engineers seem to rush through one last very important step:

Adding effects

For a lot amateur engineers, it seems like reverb is a default effect to put on vocals. Sure, it can sound nice and lush, and it can even be quick way to make vocals sound “better”; but while reverb has it’s place, it is often the wrong choice for vocals.

I’ve created a video to show you an alternative effect that can be much more efficient to use.

In this video, I’ll show you my go-to effects settings for vocals and how you can avoid creating muddy mixes simply by choosing not to use reverb

Are you mixing with too much reverb?


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