EP 1: Intro / What to Expect / Get Your Questions Answered

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Introducing the MasterYourMix Podcast!

This podcast is designed to help engineers, artists, and producers improve the quality of their recordings and mixes (even from a home studio). Through interviews with many professionals in the industry as well as doing Q&As with listeners, my goal with this podcast is to help you learn tips, tricks, strategies and more so that you can overcome your biggest obstacles with music production.

In this episode, I discuss what to expect from this podcast. In addition, I answer YOUR questions about mixing so that you can start to see significant improvements in your mixes.


  • How to get your drums to sound punchy without distorting a mix
  • How to mix vocals to a two-track instrumental
  • Proper panning techniques
  • Why I think panning drums from the drummer’s perspective is much better than the audience’s perspective
  • How to route your channels to help glue your tracks together
  • Creating stereo width when you only have one guitar track
  • The problem with mixing to instrumentals

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