EP 106: Christopher Scott Cooper – Mixing Live Sound

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Christopher Scott Cooper has played guitar since age 5, composer/songwriter since age 15, and audio engineer/producer for the last 30+ years. Became a FOH mixer/Live Sound Engineer by default and spent the late 80s touring and providing services for many a band. In 1990 decided a new path in the studio was a better option and spent the next 15 years at Music Annex studios going from an intern to Chief Engineer. 15 years ago he chose the independent route and built a cozy high-end studio (Blue Seven Audio), and came full circle to being a FOH mixer again for the Fox Theatre in Redwood City and for various events and bands around the Bay Area. Experienced in live recording, live sound, sound effects capture, sound design, studio recording, toys, games, TV/Film, wiring, the system installs, computer/data management, electronics repair… all by necessity. He has also taught courses at Cogswell College and guest lectures at various Audio Institutions. Chris still writes and composes for his band New Sun, TV/Film, and various unusual ambient labels.


  • Learning by trial and error
  • The important foundations you need in the studio
  • Why live sound is the best way to learn how to mix
  • The difference between being a passive vs. active mixer
  • Why HPFs are your best friend in the studio and in live sound
  • What levels you should be recording at
  • Why 32-bit floating point is a great bit-rate to record at
  • Calibrating your ears to new spaces
  • The importance of diversification with your skills
  • Being good at troubleshooting
  • Why niching down isn’t always a good idea

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