EP 111: Maor Appelbaum – Creativity In Mastering

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Maor Appelbaum is a mastering engineer and musician.

After working as staff engineer (mixing, recording and mastering) for famed record producer Sylvia Massy Shivy at Radiostar Studios in Weed, California, Maor moved to Los Angeles where he opened his private mastering suite.

Maor has had the pleasure of mastering recordings for major international acts such as: Rob Halford, Sepultura, Yngwie Malmsteen, Fates Warning, Cynic, The Prog Collective, Nekromantix, Armored Saint, Lita ford, Fight, Angra, Walter Trout, Treponem Pal, Seven The Hardway, Marco Mendoza, The Top Chops and more…

He has mastered the works of well-known music producers such as: Toby Wright, Justin Gray, Roy Z, Sylvia Massy, Gilby Clark, Warren Riker, Ryan Greene, Ulrich Wild, Fabrizio Grossi, Greg Hampton , Logan Mader, Stan Katayama, Ben Schigel, Mark Lewis, Jacob Hansen, Tue Madsen, Eyal Levi, Jason Suecof, Thomas Lang and more… Also, he does mastering for unsigned artists of all genres from all over the world.


  • Should a mastering engineer offer constructive criticism to their clients?
  • How to be tactful with client communication
  • Working with Sylvia Massey
  • How to be creative with mastering music
  • Understanding how your gear affects your sound
  • Remastering records: How to preserve the legacy of an artist
  • Building custom gear
  • Modeling hardware for plugins
  • What makes a great master?
  • How your portfolio helps you grow your career

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