EP 113: Simon Grove – How to Get Killer Bass Tones

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Simon Grove is a music producer based in Sydney, Australia.

Having an equally strong musical background as a bass player and guitarist, he is able to seamlessly bridge the division between engineer and musician. This allows him to create records with technical precision whilst retaining the music’s intended character and dynamic. 

Simon has built a vast catalogue of clients from around the world including Protest The Hero, Plini, Intervals, Richard Henshall, Stephen Taranto, Owane, Tashka, and many more.


  • Becoming a session musician
  • What makes a great bass tone?
  • Using parallel processing on bass
  • Simon’s live and in-studio signal chains for bass
  • Kick and bass relationships: Deciding whether the bass should sit above or below the kick drum
  • How to shape your kick drums to fit the tempo of your songs (to get more clarity out of them)
  • His plugin, Grovebass
  • How to make ghost notes be heard clearly in a mix
  • Giving snare drums their own space
  • How the thickness of a drum affects the tone
  • Why he avoids using gates on drums
  • Why editing is so important (even if you have great musicians and performances)
  • Working on instrumental music: How to give lead guitars their own space
  • Tracking techniques for getting tighter guitars
  • The importance of tuning for tone

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