EP 124: John Burke – Achieving a Perfect Vocal Sound

master your mix podcast, ep 124 john burke

John Burke is an engineer based in northeast Ohio who has worked in multiple genres ranging from pop, rap, and metal. He also runs the website, perfectvocalsacademy.com where he helps people with learning how to record, edit, and mix their vocal tracks.


  • Letting your market choose you
  • Editing vocals
  • Timing vs tuning: Which one to fix first?
  • Autotune vs. Melodyne: Which is better?
  • Processing background vocals differently than lead vocals
  • The tools everyone should have for editing vocals
  • Should you remove breaths?
  • Fixing vocal plosives
  • Stretching vs nudging vocals
  • Removing background noises
  • Tips for recording clean vocal tracks
  • How to find the key of your song
  • When and where to use clip gain
  • Multiband compression vs. regular compression vs. dynamic EQ
  • John’s go-to vocal chain

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