EP 127: Pete Weiss – Working in Open-Concept Studios

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Pete Weiss is a New England-based producer/engineer/mixer/musician. His unfussy, organic, “artist first” work has earned him a reputation as an outstanding producer who can adapt to many musical genres and is unafraid to ignore stylistic convention. Notable artists Weiss has worked with include Charlie Chesterman, Chris Brokaw, Peter Holsapple, Kustomized, Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, Doug Yule, Moe Tucker, The Upper Crust, Aimee Mann, Lee Ranaldo, Bell X1, Willard Grant Conspiracy, Two Dollar Pistols, Bow Thayer & Levon Helm, Hayley Thompson-King and many others.

In 1989 he co-founded Zippah Studio in Boston. In 2004, he built and opened Verdant Studio, an “open room” retreat-style studio with artist lodging in rural Vermont which he operated until late 2020, when he returned to Boston to concentrate on mixing and mastering at Jade Cow Music Post Production Services.

When not in the studio, Weiss fronts the instrumental band The Weisstronauts and is a member of the experimental pop collective known as Sool.  Since 2017, he has collaborated with eclectic vocalist/songwriter Hayley Thompson-King.  He released a solo album in 1996 and three albums while fronting the subversive Pete Weiss & the Rock Band from 1995-2000. He has scored four independent films, “Methods” (1998), “Metal” (2001), “Bad Gravity” (with Sool 2006), and “The Arcadian Ideal” (2007).

He is a Senior Contributor for Tape Op Magazine, writing reviews of audio equipment as well as conducting interviews with recording industry figures. Over the years he has served on many panels & workshops at Tape Op’s and Potluck Audio’s conferences. In the early 1990’s Weiss authored two books on baseball, “Baseball’s All Time Goats” and “Longshots!”, both published by Adams Media.


  • Working with track limitations
  • Owning a retreat-style studio
  • Finding clients while working in the middle of nowhere
  • Attended sessions vs unattended sessions
  • Setting guidelines for clients
  • Working in an open-concept studio
  • The relationship between kick and bass guitar: how to get the low-end feeling balanced
  • How to track bass guitar
  • The keys to getting a great guitar tone
  • Making time for experimentation during a session

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