EP 134: Jonte Knif – Building High Quality Audio Gear

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Jonte Knif was interested from an early age both in engineering and musical instruments and music. This dual interest manifested itself in the daring decision to start studying harpsichord at the Sibelius-Academy in Helsinki, and engineering physics at the University of technology. This decision was soon to be found to be a mistake and Knif concentrated on music studies only.

During the following 6 years Knif played in many ensembles specializing in music from medieval times to Frank Zappa, and started to build tube amps and design speakers and harpsichords, which got international recognition.

Knif switched to study in the department of music technology in Sibelius-Academy and graduated in 2005. After graduation, he decided to concentrate on hardware design and founded Knif Audio in 2005.

Fueled by his passion for instrument building and audio, Knif Audio has produced many power amplifiers, experimental loudspeakers, one commercial loudspeaker, Knif Rauman Nº1, and new harpsichord and electric clavichord models.


  • Becoming a gear manufacturer
  • Learning how to make gear
  • Understanding psychoacoustics
  • Balancing the needs of the pro audio community vs audiophiles
  • Mastering grade vs. mixing grade equipment
  • Looking back at your past work
  • What makes different models of EQ sound different
  • Hardware vs plugins
  • How Q values change in relation to EQ boosts/cuts
  • Tubes: Choosing the right ones for specific uses
  • Tubes vs. transformers
  • Plugin Alliance Soma: How it compares to the real thing

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