EP 151: Stephen Kerrison – Creating a Positive Mastering Experience

master your mix podcast, ep 151 stephen kerrison

Stephen Kerrison is a mastering engineer based out of his Liverpool studio, Tall Trees Audio Mastering, whose credits include work for Moshi Moshi Records, Maple Death Records, PRAH Recordings, Rocket Recordings and Human Worth Records. His many years experience as a working musician, coupled with an almost obsessive, life-long love of music has earned him a skill set that enables him to work empathetically alongside musicians with full understanding and respect for their artistic process and vision.

This approach and dynamic has resulted in his reputation as a trusted mastering engineer growing steadily over the past few years. Stephen knows from personal experience how much making a record means and how much it takes, and as such treats mastering every record with nothing but the utmost care and deference.

A champion of the left-field, but absolutely partial to a pop banger, the intersection between the creative and technical is where Stephen feels most at home.


  • Enjoying music as a consumer
  • Why mastering can be easier than mixing
  • Getting started as a mastering engineer
  • Finding ways to force objectivity
  • Mastering with a hybrid setup
  • Why no one cares what gear you own
  • Attended vs unattended sessions: What are the benefits of each?
  • Demystifying the “dark art” of mastering
  • Client interaction: Creating an enjoyable experience for your customers
  • How a subwoofer will make your main monitors work and sound better

To learn more about Stephen Kerrison, visit: https://talltreesaudiomastering.com/

Notable gear mentioned:

iZotope RX – https://sweetwater.sjv.io/xkyR2x

HA Symph EQ – https://sweetwater.sjv.io/q4AByg

Neumann KH 310 – https://sweetwater.sjv.io/R51WKa

Neumann KH 750 – https://sweetwater.sjv.io/KjJWgA

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