EP 157: Alex Newport – Embracing Imperfection

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Born in Wolverhampton, UK and growing up in the Midlands area Alex Newport currently lives in Los Angeles. The owner of Future Shock recording studio, Newport got his start as the founding member of UK noise-rock band Fudge Tunnel.

Moving behind the boards, Newport became a highly sought after producer after producing hugely influential records for At the Drive-In (In/Casino/Out, 1998 and Vaya, 1999) and The Mars Volta (Tremulant, 2002). In 2011 he commenced an ongoing relationship with the Juno Award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter Dallas Green, AKA City And Colour. Newport produced City And Colour’s Little Hell, which was recorded and mixed entirely on analog tape followed by The Hurry and the Harm – the band’s second consecutive #1 album on the Canadian charts and a top 20 Billboard US album. He also mixed the collaborative project between City and Colour and Pink called You+Me.

Alex produced Bloc Party’s critically acclaimed top five UK album FOUR. Other notable productions and mixes include work with Matt Costa, Moaning, Death Cab For Cutie, The Sounds, Frank Turner, Two Gallants, Weaves, Tigercub, Bleached, and more.

Alex also sings and performs as one half of Red Love, with Matt Tong (ex-Bloc Party) – their debut album was released in Feb 2017.


  • The never-ending pursuit of knowledge
  • Diversifying your skills and musical genres
  • Becoming known for a specific sound
  • Infusing production elements from different genres
  • The role of a producer
  • Creating contrast in your mixes
  • Being purposeful with reverb
  • EQing delay and reverbs
  • Why you should avoid the solo button
  • Why working fast will get you better results
  • Embracing imperfection
  • Capturing the energy of a band
  • Creating an environment that lets the artist showcase their talents
  • Getting creative with click tracks

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