EP 169: Collin Dupuis – Being Adaptable In The Studio

master your mix podcast, ep 169 collin dupuis

Detroit based multi Grammy nominated and two time Grammy winning mixer, producer, musician, and engineer Collin Dupuis has developed a sought after sound over the last fifteen years working with critically acclaimed artists and projects including Yves Tumor, Angel Olsen, Lana Del Rey, St. Vincent, Dr. John, The Black Keys, Ray LaMontange, Richard Swift, and many others.

Beginning his career playing in bands, running a DIY recording studio in Michigan, and doing tech work around the Detroit area, he quickly found himself working at FBT (The Bass Brothers) studio as an assistant engineer. Working there, he cut his teeth working with artists and producers of the likes of Mr. Porter, Eminem, Pharoahe Monch, and many more. Working at FBT studios along with working in the tech shop at Vintage King Audio helped to develop a deep understanding of studio work both technically and sonically.

This knowledge helped him make connections and bridge the gap into the rock and electronic worlds of the Detroit music scene. He soon got a call to set up a studio at Jack White’s house and help out on the White Stripes’ “Get Behind Me Satan.” Shortly after that, Collin was hired at Carl Craig’s Planet-E records. He engineered for the next five years alongside Carl on remixes, production, live sound in Europe, mastering, and mixing.

Collin next got the call from Dan Auerbach to help him get his Akron studio up and running. This led to a move to Nashville and many critically acclaimed albums working as the lead engineer at Auerbach’s Easy Eye Sound. During his time at Easy Eye Sound he earned a Grammy win for engineering and mixing Dr. John’s “Locked Down”. Along with a Grammy win for engineering Cage The Elephants “Tell Me I Pretty”.

Currently, Collin is busy working and living in Detroit, MI. as a freelance musician, mixer and engineer, producing, recording, and mixing albums for artists including Yves Tumor, Angel Olsen, Lawrence Rothman, Special Interest, Boy and Bear, and many others. Along with playing in and co-creating with his band Zoos of Berlin.


  • Saying “yes” to every opportunity
  • Being an entrepreneur vs. following a traditional engineer/assistant path
  • Setting goals for your career
  • Knowing when you are a good fit for a client
  • The hierarchy of what matters during tracking
  • Focusing on the feelings of the musicians vs. the sound of the record
  • Getting the most out of untreated studio spaces
  • Committing ideas for the sake of preserving your intentions
  • Embracing bleed in your recordings
  • How to fix bleed in your mixes
  • Dialing in reverbs right from the beginning of a session
  • How to eliminate “s” sounds from taking over your reverbs

Notable gear mentioned in this episode:

Audient EVO SP8: https://sweetwater.sjv.io/Or5L9Q

SE Microphones: https://sweetwater.sjv.io/DK1Mbj

To learn more about Collin Dupuis, visit: https://www.collindupuis.com/

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