EP 177: Erik Ron – The Art of Songwriting

master your mix podcast, ep 177 erik ron

Erik Ron is an American producer, songwriter, and mixer based in North Hollywood, CA. Erik plays guitar/bass/keys, and is strong with concept/storytelling + dynamic melodies, giving him the capability to jump between genres. Over the course of his 15+ year career, Erik’s production and songwriting has contributed to records that have been Grammy nominated, top 10 charting on Billboard 200, multiple gold + platinum certifications, seven #1s at modern rock radio, and a cumulative 2 Billion+ global streams. Erik is published exclusively by BMG Rights Management.

Recent artist collaborators include Ellise, HUDDY, Stela Cole, Pardyalone, Bad Omens, Lilyisthatyou, Chandler Leighton, HAVEN, Emei, Jutes, Sueco, Sophie Cates, Jxdn, Grandson, 44Phantom, Papa Roach, Lil Aaron, Jeris Johnson, Kailee Morgue, King Mala, Siiickbrain, Sk8, Mothica, Nothing Nowhere, MASN, poutyface, I Prevail, 93feetofsmoke, Charlotte Sands, Chri$tian Gate$, Neoni and more.


  • People’s expectations of “perfection”
  • The importance of editing
  • How to get tight drum edits
  • Co-writing with artists
  • Negotiating songwriting credits/royalties
  • Working with Godsmack
  • Exercises for avoiding writer’s block
  • Giving yourself deadlines
  • Navigating the pro-production process
  • Getting used to rejection (and why it’s a good thing)

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