EP 187: Harry Hess – Making Songs Sound “Finished”

master your mix podcast, ep 187

Harry Hess is a stalwart figure in the music industry, amassing a remarkable three decades of experience. As the owner and operator of HBomb Mastering, a distinguished facility, he seamlessly transitioned into the specialized world of mastering. With a focus on using the finest analog and digital gear, Harry has become a go-to mastering engineer, crafting #1 hits for acclaimed artists like Barenaked Ladies, Billy Talent, and more.

HBomb Mastering stands out as an Apple-approved “Mastered for iTunes” facility, attesting to Harry’s commitment to meeting industry standards. His influence extends beyond individual artists to major record labels such as Disney, Warner, Universal, Sony, and EMI. His dedication to delivering high-quality audio mastering services has solidified his reputation as a key player in achieving chart-topping success.

In addition to contemporary hits, Harry Hess has left his mark on reissues and compilations, contributing his skills to projects involving iconic artists like Ed Sheeran, Madonna, Ray Charles, and others. This underscores his versatility and lasting impact on the sonic landscape, further establishing Harry as a respected force in the ever-evolving world of music mastering.

To learn more about Harry Hess, visit: http://www.hbombmastering.com/


  • Getting work when you don’t feel prepared
  • Finding the balance of how much processing is too much
  • Defining what a finished record sounds like
  • Being mindful of the demands of your genre
  • The importance of great converters
  • Getting loud masters
  • Mastering full albums: How to make the tracks sound cohesive
  • Working on remaster projects
  • Not being afraid of clipping your signal
  • True Peak limiters: Are they good things?
  • Using multiple limiters vs. only one

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