EP 191: George Perks – Making Exciting Mixes

master your mix podcast, ep 191 george perks

George Perks is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, engineer, and mixer with over 10 years of experience working across genres, with artists like Enter Shikari, The Darkness, Skindred, and You Me At Six. His portfolio has totaled over one billion streams worldwide, including 3 UK-chart topping albums.

George specializes in helping rock, metal, punk, and alternative artists craft powerful and exciting records – from developing and producing young acts to creative engineering for self-producing artists.

Now the resident engineer at VADA Recording Studios in Worcestershire, George has also recorded in some of the UK’s premier studios including Abbey Road and RAK in London, and built temporary recording spaces in remote locations. He has engineered for a wealth of producers including Adrian Bushby, Dan Weller, and Julian Emery.


  • How to keep busy with work when working in a small, remote town
  • Getting repeat clients
  • Being adaptable with your production approach
  • How to work fast
  • Committing to your sounds
  • Tracking to a “mixed” sound
  • Fulfilling an artist’s vision
  • Creating movement in a mix
  • The importance of contrast in a mix
  • How to make vocals sound interesting
  • Using modulation
  • His go-to tools for mixing vocals
  • Double-tracking vs. modulation

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