EP 195: Toby Campen – From Working In Film & TV To Mastering

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Toby Campen, a mastering engineer based in Brighton, UK, is dedicated to helping artists elevate their music. With a focus on delivering exceptional mastering services, Toby aims to enhance creative visions and foster deeper connections with audiences.

Toby’s professional journey began as a mixing engineer in various domains, spanning music, film, and television. He has garnered experience at renowned facilities such as Pinewood Studios, Technicolor, and Grand Central Recording Studios. Additionally, Toby has a background in music performance, notably as a guitarist and producer for Searching Alaska, a band recognized for their appearance at Download Festival 2013 and winning the Red Bull Prize.

In 2006, Toby initiated his venture into recording, and mastering records for both personal and collaborative projects. This hands-on experience sparked a deep fascination with the mastering process, leading Toby to offer mastering services professionally, ultimately specializing solely in this field.


  • Working in audio post-production
  • Following your passions
  • The crossover skills that working in audio post-production can bring to mastering
  • Audio restoration
  • Knowing when to work in or out of the box
  • How volume can influence your mixing decisions
  • Knowing how far to go with processing tracks
  • Mastering on headphones
  • Learning to trust your headphones
  • The two tools Toby can’t live without for mastering on headphones
  • Why tools like CanOpener Studio are better than Slate VSX
  • Common mix problems to pay attention to

To learn more about Toby Campen, visit: https://www.tobycampen.com/

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