EP 196: Carl Bahner – How to Get Your First Studio Clients

master your mix podcast, ep 196 carl bahner

Carl Bahner is a mix engineer originally from Lancaster, PA.  Carl has worked with artists like The Wombats, St. Lucia, Joywave, and Hippo Campus.

Applying a contemporary slant on the “Wall of Sound” style to his productions, he offers his bright-eyed and open-hearted perspective by creatively framing vocals with imaginative instrumentation. He blends the organic with the synthetic, the digital with the analog, and the modern with the classic—resulting in rich, vibrant music that’s full of life.

But don’t be fooled by Carl’s youthful energy and infectious enthusiasm – he’s a seasoned pro who’s honed his skills on stages around the world. As a performer, he has toured extensively in the US, Canada, and the UK, and his music has been featured in film, television, and even Guitar Hero: Live. Carl has also performed on stage opening for acts like Walk The Moon, X Ambassadors, Charli XCX, Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness, The Wombats, Joywave, Years & Years, They Might Be Giants, Civil Twilight, The Hold Steady, Diarrhea Planet, Cold War Kids, The Gaslight Anthem, The Airborne Toxic Event, The Naked & Famous, and countless others.

In addition to his mixing and production work, Carl is an educator passionate about sharing his industry knowledge. He currently teaches music industry courses at Lebanon Valley College. Carl also creates educational content for Produce Like A Pro, focusing on home studio marketing topics.


  • Making remixes to build your portfolio
  • Taking music production “seriously”
  • Getting on the same page as your clients
  • Not being afraid of muting tracks in a mix
  • Questions to ask yourself to make sure you aren’t adding too many layers to your productions
  • How to get clear, in-your-face vocals
  • The argument for using multiple plugins with each doing smaller changes, rather than fewer plugins doing big moves.
  • Using de-essers properly
  • The downside of using reverb
  • How HPFs will help you achieve better low-end
  • Getting your first clients
  • How to use social media to market yourself
  • What sorts of social media posts to make
  • Doing cold outreach to attract new clients

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