EP 197: Max Morton – Having a Musician’s Mindset as a Producer

master your mix podcast, ep 197 max morton

Max Morton is Ukrainian producer and musician best known for his work with Jinjer, IGNEA, Morton and other metal bands.


  • Being able to relate to musicians and coach them
  • Improving your own musicianship through recording
  • Making musicians comfortable in the studio
  • Recording guitars using DIs and reamping vs capturing live amps
  • Tips for recording with Dis
  • Should you record guitars using gates?
  • How string and pick selection impact the sound of your guitars
  • Recording metal vocals
  • Controlling screaming vocals
  • Being strategic with headphone mixes for singers
  • A simple process for layer vocals and building harmonies
  • How to get a solid low end in metal music
  • Using tools like compressors and EQs as analyzers

To learn more about Max Morton, visit: https://mortonstudio.com/

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