EP 198: Brad Boatright – The Challenges of Mastering Albums

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As an active recording and touring musician for over thirty years, Brad cut his teeth as the guitarist and vocalist in From Ashes Rise, making music in a scene fraught with challenges to sound quality. He was raised in the North Mississippi Hill Country, surrounded by a rich and historic music scene, and, after studying Recording Industry Technology at Middle Tennessee State University in the late 1990s, Brad armed himself with a healthy obsession with records, sound, and music. He’s always aimed to overcome the challenges independent artists face while helping them realize their vision of sonic perfection.

Since founding Audiosiege in 2010, Brad, a self-described “musician’s engineer”, has mastered many notable albums, including Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon’s opening sequence and Grammy-nominated official soundtrack for Netflix’s “Stranger Things” series, the reissue of Sleep’s monumental “Dopesmoker” LP, as well as records from Corrosion of Conformity, Nails, Samiam, Obituary, Yob, Twitching Tongues, and more.


  • Analog vs. digital mastering
  • How file names can tell you a lot about a project
  • Using meters to guide your decisions
  • Having consistency in your levels and workflow
  • Mastering albums made of previously mastered songs
  • Using Metric AB for troubleshooting gear issues
  • Getting client feedback
  • Making sure your gear is calibrated properly
  • Working on the Stranger Things soundtrack

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