EP 201: Adam “Atom” Greenspan – Pushing the Boundaries of an Artist

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Inspired by early punk and new wave, Adam Greenspan’s journey through the vast soundscapes of the late 80s, to industrial and alt 90s, marked a lifelong immersion in music. With over 25 years in the industry, his career ignited with the engineering of Faith No More’s “Album of the Year.” Later, a serendipitous connection with fellow producer Nick Launay led to fruitful collaborations, shaping albums for luminaries such as Arcade Fire, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Supergrass, The Cribs, and Refused.

Greenspan’s recent productions have garnered critical acclaim, notably securing a 2019 Mercury Prize shortlist for IDLES’ “Joy as an Act of Resistance” and a 2020 Grammy nomination for Best Engineered Album with Thomas Dybdal’s “All These Things.” His return to IDLES resulted in a UK #1 album with “Ultra Mono,” highlighting his enduring impact on contemporary music.

Continuing to shape sonic landscapes, Greenspan’s recent projects include works with Bloc Party and Flogging Molly. His approach is characterized by close collaboration with artists, aiming to distill a sound and style uniquely theirs while encouraging them to explore new territories. Emphasizing the visceral impact of music and its ability to evoke emotion and movement, Greenspan rejects formulas in favor of capturing genuine artistic expression.


  • Working with Nick Launay
  • Going backward on the studio ladder to make for more opportunities
  • Having the right attitude to stand out when you’re getting started
  • Working from rough mixes
  • Pushing the boundaries of an artist
  • Leaning into what makes an artist special
  • Creative approaches to using poorly recorded tracks
  • Creating a 3D sound using effects
  • Using distortion on vocals
  • Panning effects
  • How to use stereo wideners effectively
  • Capturing the room and making your tracks sound big
  • Making the most out of a small room
  • Eliminating noise on your tracks

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