EP 22: Jesco Lohan (Acousticsinsider.com)

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When it comes to learning how to treat your studio for optimal sound, look no further than Jesco Lohan. He runs the website AcousticsInsider.com, where he teaches acoustic treatment techniques that actually work without all the voodoo so you can stop chasing your tail, stop thinking about sound, and get back to just having fun in the studio. Your mixing room doesn’t need to be an excuse for poor mixes.


  • Where to begin with setting up your room’s acoustics
  • Finding the optimal listening position
  • The differences between absorption and diffusion
  • How to optimize your studio’s acoustics on a budget
  • Where to place your acoustic treatment
  • Why your speakers might be adding to your problems
  • And so much more…

Links from the episode:

Merlijn Van Veen on being able to hear subwoofer placement: https://www.merlijnvanveen.nl/en/study-hall/127-desensitize-yourself

Neumann Subwoofer Setup Guide (search for “subwoofer”):

Jesco’s Sonicscoop article on how far away you should place your speaker from the front wall:

If you need help with the sound in your studio in Berlin, Germany, get in touch with Jesco at StudioAcousticsBerlin.com

Finally, Jesco is also a platinum-winning mixing engineer for Pop and Electronic Dance Music. You can find his mix work at jescolohan.com

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