EP 33: Capturing The Details When Recording With Sam Pura

Sam Pura is an amazing engineer best known for his work with bands like The Story So Far, State Champs, Hundredth, and more. He has an obsession with capturing the details when recording and getting every element of the signal chain just right.

In fact, he is on such a mission to find the perfect tone, that he has even invested in building a robot that controls his microphone positions. He also has a moving “drumbrella” that can alter the amount of room ambience that he captures.

Before you get worried and start thinking that you can’t get perfect tone without all sorts of crazy technology, you need to check out this episode. You’ll be surprised to hear the discoveries that Sam has made.


– Recording drums and how to find the right rhythms for your songs
– Sam’s unique approach to recording guitars using only a DI (no amps)
– DIY gear: Why it’s often better than the original brands and how it can save you money
– How he used a mic robot to find the perfect mic positions (and why you don’t need a robot to get the same results)
– The reason people hire you vs. your competitors 

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