EP 66: Tips For Getting Better Performances With Benny Grotto

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Benny Grotto is an award-winning music producer, mixer, and recording engineer, and a co-owner of the famed Mad Oak Studios in Boston, MA. He is known for his works with Aerosmith, Ben Folds, The Dresden Dolls, and Weird Al Yankovic.


  • Tips for getting your drummer, guitarist, and singer to get the best performance
  • How to coach musicians who are over-performers
  • How to make sure an entire band plays tight with each other
  • How to quickly build your reputation as a producer or engineer
  • Why it’s crucial to record with EQ and compression on the way in, as opposed to dealing with it in the mixing stage
  • The secret to capturing a big snare sound
  • Drum overheads: When to treat them as cymbal mics vs. whole kit mics
  • The #1 thing you want your drummers to have when recording

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