EP85: Mixing Heavy Music (with David Castillo)

master your mix podcast, ep 85 david castillo

David Castillo is a producer and mixing engineer who conducts his business under the name “Ghost Ward”.  He is renowned worldwide for his work with prestigious bands such as Opeth, Whitechapel, Katatonia, Carcass, Dark Tranquillity, Leprous, Soen, Soilwork, Candlemass, Bloodbath and many more. Since 2014 Castillo has co-owned the legendary Studio Gröndahl in Stockholm along with Jens Bogren.


– Dealing with stress in the studio and when working in live sound

– Working with established bands: How to strike a balance of preserving their old sounds vs taking it in a new direction

– How to pick the right producer to work with

– Getting rid of layers in order to achieve clarity

– How to shape sounds at the source so that you don’t have to fix it in the mix

– Getting great bass tones: How to use a multi-amp setup

– Creating a balanced low end between your kick, bass, and guitar tracks

– Working with blast beats and double kick: How to get them to sound clear in the mix

– How to use automation to make your mixes sound more exciting

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