EP 96: Mixing Metal & Making It A Career (with Jack Hartley)

master your mix podcast ep96, jack hartley

Jack Hartley is an Australian producer and audio engineer who works from Interim Recording Studios in the heart of the Adelaide CBD.

With over 15 years of experience as a musician/songwriter, Jack’s toured extensively throughout Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and Japan. On the audio front, Jack’s a chameleon of the many sub-genres of heavy music, having worked with a number of acts – including Truth Corroded, Hidden Intent, Relapse, Werewolves, Shatter Brain, and many more.


– Getting started with finding clients

– How to make your audio skills feel second-nature to you

– Branding your studio – Should you use your name or make up a business name?

– The power of having mentors

– The difference between running your studio as a business vs a hobby

– EQing low-tunes guitars

– Mixing screaming vocals: How to use compression to control your dynamics

– How to track vocals without burning out a singer

– Jack’s technique for tracking kick drums so that you end up with cleaner sounding room tracks and better sounding kicks

– Using automation on drums

– Dealing with egos in the studio


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