Understanding How To Use The 1176 Compressor To Create Great Mixes

If you’ve spent any time looking at pictures of pro studios, watching online mix tutorials, going through your plugin list, or following any plugin manufacturers, chances are very high that you’ll be familiar with the famous 1176 compressor (or some variation of it).
1176 compressor

What’s the deal with these things?
Why are there SOOOO many different plugins modeled after this compressor?
Are they really that special?
Do they sound better than other compressors?
And what the heck do people mean when they talk about “all-buttons-in mode”?

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, I’m going to get you the answers you need.

Inside of this new video, I’m going to help you make sense of this famous compressor.

I’ll show exactly why so many engineers use this as their go-to piece of equipment.

The truth is that not all compressors are created equal. The 1176 has some special mojo. You’ll learn all about it inside of this video.

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